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We’re learning more and more about networking and value the connections we build around the internet.  We know how important it is to get publicity for an event and want to help promote other events around the world.  If you’re organizing a bicycling event or cycling race that you think our readers would be interested in, comment here with your information and website, and we’ll link up with you.  If we think your event is really great, we’ll feature it in our blog.

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  1. The RIDE:WELL Tour 2009 has been announced for 2009. This is a cross country charity ride raising money for BLOOD:WATER Mission which funds clean water and Hiv/Aids projects in Africa. I rode this ride last year with very little biking experience and made it. It is a great ride for an excellent cause. Fully supported ride. Check it out at

  2. The Cycle Strongman Expedition is an attempt at a round the world tour to raise money for Oxfam and inspire others to think sustainably.

    All the best with your adventure guys, stay ahead of your hunger and keep up the pressure in those tyres! Wishing you many a tail wind and friendly encounters throughout your journey!

    Maybe we’ll meet on the road someday! All the best.

    Chris Roach

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