Daily Archives: January 5, 2009

T-shirt design


the Long Haul for Hunger is trying to design some t-shirts to put up for sale to raise money for our charity the Mercy Corps and we’re looking for some cool designs.  If you’ve got any skills, please come up with something and email me at owner @ theultimatetrek.com.  Thank you.

New Cannondale Touring Bikes for 2009


I was over at my local Cannondale dealer the other day having a chat about the new models rolling out for 2009 and happened to come across the European catalog for Cannondale.  Wow, you guys over there get the good stuff.  For us folks in the US, we have new Touring 1 and Touring 2 models for 2009.  In Europe, you get new models for the Cannondale Touring Ultra, Touring Rohloff, and Touring Classic.


This is the Rohloff version, see the shock on the stem?  Cool, it’s a new Cannondale Headshok, has anyone see one of these things before?  Post up here if you have, love to hear about the bike.