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Touring bicycles; Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10


Choosing a touring bicycle; Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10.

Here is your next option. NUMBER 9… Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10.  http://www.bikes.com.

Please comment if you have ever ridden, owned, or know anyone who owns this bike.  Email photos of your setup to me at recklesscognition@gmail.com and have them posted on this site.

Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10

Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10

Before we begin….Check out the links on the left side of the page.  Go to the “About Me” page to the left and read about what this journey is all about.  If you are into it, support my journey by helping others and adding to the donations we will deliver to the Mercy Corps organization. Donate, Sponsor, or Pledge on a per-km/mile basis, anything will help.  Learn more by here…Bike Journey

Frame- Steel (Reynolds 853 chromoly)

Chainstay Length- 445mm or 17.5 inches

Brakes- Tektro Oryx cantilever

Tires- 700 x 32c Kenda Kwest with Shimano hubs

Components- This bike comes equipped with Shimano Alivio, Sora, and Deore components.  These are the lowest grade of components I’ve reviewed thus far.

Weight- 29 pounds

Price- $1,110 The Rocky Mountain Sherpa is a solid bike that comes out of the factory well equipped and well priced.  It was recently featured in bicycle magazine as the best tourer available in this price range.  A little difficult to track down, but solid.  There is also a Rocky Mountain Sherpa 30 available. Needs much better components.

How are ratings calculated?

Overall Rating:

Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10:

Value:  3/5

Quality: 4.5/5

Compliance: 4.6/5

Overall: 12.1/15

Value. With such a price tag it’s hard to give such a good rating to this bike that has such low-end components.

Quality.  There aren’t many complaints about the quality this bike.

Compliance.  This bike is well equipped for touring.

We’ll be compiling all of the ratings on a new page, look for it to be complete shortly.  Check it out here.

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Surly Long Haul Trucker


The as-of-yet unnamed bicycle journey is starting to take shape. I guess you could say it has officially begun. I’ve purchased my bicycle of choice, a Surly Long Haul Trucker (58cm) and am having it shipped here to Korea next week.

Surly is a very reputable bike manufacturer with solid support in the touring community because of its well-equipped, inexpensive, and high-quality touring bikes.

When I was deciding on a bike, I had narrowed it down to a Surly LHT, Trek 520, Jamis Nova Pro, and a Raleigh Sojourn.  I relied heavily on Bicylce Forums to figure out exactly what I needed in a touring bike. Turns out, its not all that simple. There are numerous things you need to pay attention to when selecting a touring bike. Look forward to more posts on individual elements deemed necessary for your next touring session.

The Signing Room


I’ve decided to start this blog with the first photograph of the day. It’s August 10th and after a hard night of boozing and a long day of watching the Korean Olympics get replayed almost continuously, I decided to brave the heat (38 degrees) and rummage up some photographs.

I walked along the Cheongyechon Stream in central Seoul until I came to the Uljiro 4 crossway which I took south to a neighborhood called Insa-dong.  Insa-dong is one of the older areas of Seoul that most tourists will see.   Old art supply stores, souvenir stalls, hand-made jewelry shops, and music stores cram the alleyways from Tagpol Park all the way down to Gyeongbok-gung palace.   There are also an exceptional amount of authentic Korean restaurants, a couple of coffee shops, plenty of tea, and even a few norae-bangs (karaoke rooms).  Seen here is on of their festive signs.