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  1. hello,

    it sounds like you guys have quite a ride ahead of you and for a very noble cause. I just found this website and it has a lot of great information.

    I am planning to tour through Japan at the end of May. I was considering which bike I wanted to get for the trip and I had my heart set on the Rivendell Atlantis, but then i came across the Long Haul Trucker (thats how I found this site) and I began to waver a little in my Rivendell resignation.

    Oh yeah I am living in Daejeon at the moment and I actually just returned from Seoul a few hours ago. I went up there to look at bikes at Hk sports in…lemme see, Nokbon-dong. The guys there were pretty friendly and one of them speaks English well enough, well sort of. Anyway, after this long explanation I will finally get to the question.

    I am curious as to what size bike you guys are riding and generally how to decide what size to get for my self. The only surly bike they have in stock is the 50cm which i sat on and it seemed to fit alright, but I’m just not really sure.

    Where did you get your bikes and where would suggest I look to shop around? look forward to reading more about your trip.

  2. From a fellow RPCV, keep up the good work! I am planning a cross country (USA) trip next summer and brainstorming on aligning it with a cause as well.

    Also noticed that you haven’t reviewed the Bianchi Volpe. Any thoughts on this bike?

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