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The Signing Room


I’ve decided to start this blog with the first photograph of the day. It’s August 10th and after a hard night of boozing and a long day of watching the Korean Olympics get replayed almost continuously, I decided to brave the heat (38 degrees) and rummage up some photographs.

I walked along the Cheongyechon Stream in central Seoul until I came to the Uljiro 4 crossway which I took south to a neighborhood called Insa-dong.  Insa-dong is one of the older areas of Seoul that most tourists will see.   Old art supply stores, souvenir stalls, hand-made jewelry shops, and music stores cram the alleyways from Tagpol Park all the way down to Gyeongbok-gung palace.   There are also an exceptional amount of authentic Korean restaurants, a couple of coffee shops, plenty of tea, and even a few norae-bangs (karaoke rooms).  Seen here is on of their festive signs.