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Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus Panniers Review.


I ride my Surly long haul trucker with Ortlieb bike packer plus rear panniers.  They are larger than my frontroller panniers, measuring about 1,000 cubic inches bigger.  This model is very sturdy and gets great reviews across the board.

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I’ve been busy preparing my new website, www.theultimatetrek.com, to go live.  It finally has, so now I’m back to the blog.  Have a look at the new website, it looks at my upcoming trek from South Korea to Portugal on my Surly long haul trucker bike.

Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus







The Bike packer plus panniers get a higher rating than the frontrollers based on two main criteria; size and compatibility.  The bike packers have more straps and are more easily adjusted to fit your rack than the frontrollers.  The bike packers also measure in with 2,441 cubic inches of space, a lot more than the frontrollers.  Now compared to other panniers, this combination is quite small, with only roughly 4,000 cubic inches of storage.  I find it just enough, mounting my camping gear on the tops of the front and rear racks gives me plenty of space.

Bike packer plus ortlieb pannier

Bike packer plus ortlieb pannier

There is plenty of heel clearance on my 58cm surly long haul trucker.

Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus Panniers - Pair

Let’s look at the Bike Packer Plus specs:

Ortlieb.  Obviously they are waterproof, and they are also well-made.  They can carry 2,441 c inches combined.  That is about as much as a large-sized backpacking pack.  The thing I like the most about the Ortlieb bike packer plus panniers, and the Ortliebs in general, is the mounting system.  It’s great.  Super easy to use, adjust, and replace if necessary.  The Bike Packers dont even require a hex-screwdriver, they simply click in and out for easy adjustment.

*  Clips are quick-release.  Simply lift the cord and they come open, let it go and it closes.

*  Bottom clips move around to tightly secure the pannier to the rack and stop it from jiggling.

*  There is an exterior pocket with ventilation

*  There is an internal pocket for a little added organization, but basically these are top-loaders.