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The Road Ahead- Part One


This is the first of a series of posts regarding the upcoming Eurasian Cycling Trek for World Hunger I am about to embark on.  In case you don’t know about it, head over to www.theultimatetrek.com and read up!

This series is going to look at the road ahead, checking distances, weather patterns, border crossings, visas, and more.  First up on the trek is Korea.

Map of Korea

Distance- 25 miles from Dongdaemun, Seoul to Incheon Sea Port.

Terrain-  High-grade paved road

Est. Time- 2 hours

Route-  Depart Dongdaemun, Seoul and head south to the Hangang river, follow it to Yeouido Island, cross, and continue along Highway 88 to Incheon.  Exit highway and follow local roads to the sea port.  Board the ferry to China.

Don’t forget to check out the website, and if you can spare a few coins for charity, donate to the Mercy Corps in the trek’s name.  Thank you.