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Cycling Booties (Shoes covers)


I made a major step forward in staying warm today by purchasing some cycling booties.  That’s what I call them, I guess some people refer to them as shoe covers.   Not only do cycling booties keep your feet warm on a frigid day, some models are also waterproof.  Just wear your waterproof pants over the tops of the shoe covers and you’re one solid piece of waterproof protection.  Like most things, there are cheap inexpensive models, and more expensive ones.  The good thing about bicycling shoe covers is good waterproof models are available for a low price.  For 50 dollars or less you can secure a nice pair of waterproof shoe covers.

Check out the Sugoi Resistor Bike Booties at REI.
Sugoi Resistor Bike Booties
If the weather is cold but not cold enough to wear full shoe covers, you can also buy toe covers.   These slip over the toes and cover up the ventilation areas on the toe.  They cost less than 20 dollars usually.

Check out these Pearl Izumi toe covers
Pearl Izumi Calientoes Toe Warmers

SKS Bicycle Accessories. Gearing up your touring bike.


We’re going to start a series of threads discussing all the accessories you can think of when it comes to touring bikes.  We welcome comments if you’ve owned, seen, or use any of the accessories we mention.  If you have other recommendations, post them in the comments.


Fenders are nearly essential accessories for your touring bike.  They will protect your gear from water and mud, and also keep your components and backside clean.  There are a couple of types of fenders, so let’s take a quick look at them.

Full-length:  These fenders typically wrap around most of the tire, leaving about 6 inches of ground clearance on the rear wheel, with less coverage up front.

Clip-on: These usually clip on to the seat post and are completely useless, don’t buy them unless you are in the unfortunate situation where you don’t have fork or brake clearance for full-length fenders.

Mudflaps: These are really just extensions for short fenders and give a little extra protection.

SKS Fenders

SKS Fenders

I ride with SKS fenders on my Surly because they are well-designed, cheap, and rugged.  I’ve installed the P50 model because they are designed for the 700cc tires and can accommodate tires up to 700 x 45!  Here is a sizing chart.  They retail for about 30-40 US dollars.  Lots of support posts and sturdy, easy install.  No Problems.  Made of a aluminum wrapped in a tough plastic that makes them strong and flexible (called Chromoplastic I think).  Adjustable supports too.

color section rim tire
P35 silver 35 mm 28 700×20-28
P45 silver 45 mm 28 700×28-37
P50 silver 50 mm 28 700×38-45
P55 silver 55 mm 26 26×1.6-26×2.30
P65 silver 60 mm 26 26×1.6-2.30
black (suitable for Big Apple)