New Cannondale Touring Bikes for 2009


I was over at my local Cannondale dealer the other day having a chat about the new models rolling out for 2009 and happened to come across the European catalog for Cannondale.  Wow, you guys over there get the good stuff.  For us folks in the US, we have new Touring 1 and Touring 2 models for 2009.  In Europe, you get new models for the Cannondale Touring Ultra, Touring Rohloff, and Touring Classic.


This is the Rohloff version, see the shock on the stem?  Cool, it’s a new Cannondale Headshok, has anyone see one of these things before?  Post up here if you have, love to hear about the bike.

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  1. Hello there! I am a French cyclo-tourism freak who bought a European CANNONDALE “Vintage” model with Headshok suspension (year 2005 or so). I totally transformed the bike for cyclo-tourism needs trip after trip & as far as Headshok is concerned, it really does an outstanding job dampening the stiffness of the aluminium frame on muddy/stony roads, potholes, etc. I am now seriously considering CANNONDALE’s Touring Rohloff mainly for the sturdiness of the Rohloff because my SHIMANO Deore pack is not looking/sounding too good after a few thousand km of rough (although not ungrateful) treatment.

    One could then wonder why it wouldn’t be wiser to ride a more supple steel frame instead of dampening the stiffness of aluminium with a costly Headshok suspension, but after having tried both metals under identical conditions, I believe the stiffness of the aluminium frame gives far better control & feeling of security when combined with the Headshok especially when riding downhill at high speeds with 4 fully loaded Ortlieb bike bags plus my own 100 kg or so. In comparison, my old steel frame would wiggle all over the road when riding downhill past 30 km/h, especially in turns: in short it’s a bit like choosing between a Chevrolet Caprice or a fairly nervous Audi A4 to race on a tormented mountain road… With the latter, you know for sure exactly where your wheels will carve the road a half second later.

    The other awesome thing with a Headshok suspension is that it can be locked in an instant while riding uphill to avoid any loss of torque in uncalled for compression of the suspension (it is then just as easy to unlock it).

    Overall my bike seemed to be a reliable partner on trips longer than 500 km fully loaded with clothes, tent, food, water (etc.) however, the bracket feels a little loose now & is starting to squeak more & more each day while the aluminium frame amplifies this basically worrisome sound. I hope the frame of the Touring Rohloff model will keep such problems from occurring because its price will surely have me eat potatoes for quite some time.

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