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Learn how to repair and care for your bicycle


Learning how to care for and repair your bicycle is something every owner needs to know.  If you are like my friend Derek, you don’t even know how to clean your chain.  Of course, all of us start out at this point at some time or another.  Now even if you know how to clean your chain, there are a lot of other things you can learn about your bike.

I’ve come across a great website to teach you just about everything you’ll need to know about caring for and repairing your bicycle.


This website is almost perfect.  I say this because the guy who does the videos, although helpful, is a bit of a drag on the ears.  Not only are there a ton of videos teaching you how to do this such as:

  • Give your bike a complete home tune-up
  • Patch flats
  • Replace grips and handlebar tape
  • Adjust brakes
  • True a wheel
  • Overhaul a bottom bracket
  • Remove the cassette
  • Replace spokes
  • Replace chainrings
  • Lubricate your bike
  • Overhaul wheel bearings

There are a lot of other videos on the site as well.  I certainly hope they will help you on your next journey and save you from having to watch me do repairs on video.

A lot of the tools and stuff they use on bicycletutor can be had quite cheaply over at REI.com, check it out.
Minoura Gyro V270 Mag Bike Trainer

Super sweet bicycle trainer from rei.com

Blog Layout Updated


Just wanted to state the obvious and mention we’ve completely overhauled the blog.  New logo, new layout, new pages, and new inspiration!  Expect more posts, 2009 touring bike model reviews, and more.  Make sure to check out our dedicated website over at theultimatetrek.com

Let us know what you think of the new design.

Bicycle gear on sale. Great deals at REI.com


Save an extra 15% on all Clearance items at REI! Dec 19-24
Happy holidays everyone.  I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s happening over at REI.com right now.  They are offering an EXTRA 15% off of clearance and sale items until the 24th of December.  REI is a great place to pick up cycling, touring, and camping gear.  These sales are particularly good times to buy cycling clothes like tights and padded shorts.

Remember, clicking the link above helps support our ride for charity.  Thanks.

Topeak Alien II 26 function tool.


Topeak Alien II 26 Multi-Tool

Fixing your bike on the road is something you’ll have to do just about every day on a bicycle tour. A multi-tool is a perfect way to carry a bunch of tools in a small package. The Topeak Alien II 26 is a very effective tool and is the go-to when it comes to bike multi-tools. Though it is a bit heavy, it is extremely versatile.  I found most of the allen wrenches fit my bike and only had a little trouble using the wrenches on a water bottle mount and the tool size was a little restrictive inside the water bottle cage.  This tool does split in two which certainly helps cut down its size and make it more maneuverable.

Let’s look at some of the features and how they might help you out on the road.

  • Universal Chain Tool-  This is useful if you don’t have a quick-release chain.
  • Allen-wrenches- There are useful in adjusting brakes, pedals, clips, seatposts, and panniers.
  • Bottle opener- Self-supported tour? Alcholic? Either way or both, this is handy.
  • Knife-  Very useful while camping or cutting straps on the bike or panniers.
  • Tire levers- Nice heavy duty levers for replacing flats.
  • Wrenches-  Work when I need to adjust my front and rear racks.
  • Spoke wrenches- A very handy tool to have in this set, that way the small thing isn’t lost in a bag.

There is a universal chain tool, allen wrenches, spoke wrenches, wrenches, knife, bottle opener, 2 tire levers, and more! This is a must-have for a tour, pick one up cheap at rei.com by clicking on the picture above.