The Road Ahead- Part Three


It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted an update to The Road Ahead series, but it’s finally here.  There has been a lot of commotion on the planning front.  With this in mind I made a little mistake.  I should have placed this post between Part I and II but didn’t have the information yet.  Well, now I do, so we can look at the Korea to China ferry.

Weidong Ferry

The Weidong Ferry

For those of us on the Korean Peninsula with bicycles who are looking to get out of the country. You have options!  I believe you can get on a boat to Japan or China.  I don’t know much about Japan, but have done the research for China.  There are a ton of ferries that leave Incheon/Busan for China, I’ve chosen the  Weidong ferry.  They are fast, relatively cheap, and hopefully will take on our loaded bikes. We’ll be headed to Qingdao, about as far south as we can get.

Room rates are as follows:

Economy: (Many beds in Japanese-mat style): 100,000 w ($70)

Business: (2 bunks for 4 people):  140,000w ($100)

Royal: (1 double bed for 2 people, bathroom, living room): 160,000 ($120)

I may be a little off with my fare quotes, but they’re close enough.  Well, since we’re hauling bikes, looks like a Royal Suite is in the works.  Just remember, you must reserve at least a month in advance.  We’ll see if a boat ticket and a map to Kazakhstan floats with Chinese visa officials 🙂


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