TOPEAK Road Morph G Master Blaster with Gauge


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Frame pumps are a necessity on any tour, and getting a good one if often difficult to pull off. After a lot of research and a little testing, I selected the Topeak Road Morph G Master Blaster.

Topeak Road Morph Master Blaster

Here are the specs:

* Head – Presta / Schrader
* Barrel – Butted Aluminum
* Gauge – In-Line
* Hose – 10 Inches
* Thumb Lock
* Handle – T-Type Plastic / Kraton
* Capacity – 160 psi/ 11 bar
* Added Features – Fold out Foot Pad, Hose Dock, Mouting Bracket, Single Action

After a couple of months of use, I’ve written down a list of the goods and bads of this pump.

* Good pumping power, can get the bike up to pressure fast, somewhere around 120psi from my experience.

*It’s small and only 200grams
*Fold-out foot stand helps pumping a lot
*Very efficient
*Inexpensive ($35.00 )

*Mountain bracket is huge and makes the pump stick out.
*In-line pressure gauge is all over the place, it basically starts at 0 and with one pump jumps to 120 and sits there then jumps to 160 with the next pump.
*Mounting straps scrape the heck out of the frame 😦

Overall, this is a great pump, I’d buy it again if I was in that position. I have since put rubber connectors on the mounting bracket and mounted it under my headtube for more clearance.

Pick on up cheap at

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