Training for the bike tour


Tomorrow is a big day on the bike trek’s calendar.  It reads…..”3 months to go, start training fat ass.”  I have a two-part training program; on-bike and off-bike.

The on-bike training is broken up into 3 parts, progressing in difficulty as the tour nears.

Month One- 30 mile rides every other day, fully-loaded.

Month Two- 50 mile rides every other day, weekend overnights.

Month Three- 50 mile weekday rides, 200 mile weekend overnights.

Man, that sounds nauseating.

The off the bike stuff revolves around the gym.  I was really surprised when I google’d this topic.  No clear answers came up anywhere.  Seemed like 1/2 the internet was for weight training, 1/2 was against it.  Then a whole new door of information was opened.  I learned about cycling power and wattage.  As if there wasn’t already enough crap for me to think about.  Keeping it short, that is the amount of power you create with your legs.  I read that during the 7th hour of a Tour-de-France stage, Lance Armstrong produced an average of 400 watts of power, damn.  The average man produces about 100-150 on a good day.  Top-performing racers don’t rely on strength training to increase performance cause they’re already set up.  I’m just getting back into the saddle and need to get myself on track quickly.  So I’m going to combine some yoga and weighlifting 3 days a week in 3 parts focusing on a few basic exercises:

Squat, Leg Press, Hammy Curls, Dead Lift, Bent-over rows, Push-ups, Sit-ups.

Month One- Foundation stage.  Getting back into the groove of lifting weights.  Lower weights 10 reps.

Month Two- Strength stage.  Add power to my foundation.  Heavy weight 5 reps.

Month Three- Transition.  Prepare muscles for cycling.  Moderate weight, rapid action.

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