Tubus Racks. A Review.



I think it is easy enough to search around for bike racks if you know their names, so we’re just going to introduce a large variety of models, their prices, quality, and load capacity. We’re also only going to look at the strongest and best designed (for touring) models each manufacturer offers. If you have reason to differ in opinion, feel free to let me know via comment. Choose your racks by yourself based on your own research or by our mini bike rating.


Logo Rear Rack:

Width ? / Length ? (We’re working on this)

Weight: 25.7 ounces

Capacity: 40kgs or 88 pounds

Strength: Cro-Moly Steel

Est. Price: $120.00

Tubus Logo Rear Rack

Tubus Logo Rear Rack

10 year warranty.

Tubus Tara Front Rack:

Weight: 470 grams or 17 ounces

Capacity: 15kg or 35 pounds

Strength: Cro-Moly Steel

Est. Price: $90.00

Tubus Tara Front Rack

Tubus Tara Front Rack

Tubus racks are very well-known and respected in the bike touring community.  The two racks in this post are the most popular models made my Tubus.  The Tubus models are a little more expensive than the Jandd models we reviewed last week, but as you can see in the stat sheets, the weight of the Tubus racks in much less than the Jandd racks, and the carrying capacity is much higher.  You get what you pay for.  You will not be disappointed by these racks.  The front rack is famous for its ability to get the load low and help you maintain balance on your bike.

Eurasian Cycling Trek for World Hunger 09′

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  1. I’ve got both of the racks you’ve mentioned in this post, the Tara front rack and the logo rear rack. My LBS only stops Tubus racks so I really didnt have a choice, but it turned out well. They are very sturdy and I had no mounting problems on the Cannondale.

  2. Hi there,
    im from Honolulu and hope u can help, i got a Releigh SOJOURN bike, wish to get a front rack, just wonder your Tubus Tara Front Rack can fit it my bike? pls advice and thank you very much ;).

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