My Surly long haul trucker, post 2.


Day Two:  10KM.  I got my Surly equipped with some clipless Shimano pedals today and picked up my shoes.  I got cleats put in them and also had my shop put an odometer (speed computer).  Had a bit of rain yesterday to put the fenders to test, but other than that I got about 10km in.  Had a ride down the cheongyecheon and was averaging about 35km/h with a head wind.  Not too bad, but I had nothing loading on my racks.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the clipless pedals, this is my first time riding on something other than platforms, and my pedal power has increased immensely.  Pedaling un-attached I averaged about 28km/h, clipped in I was at 35.

Have a look at the Surly Long Haul Trucker’s numerous brazeons for connecting my racks and fenders.  Four used and 2 more leftover!

The front fork of my LHT

The front fork of my LHT

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  1. Hi Darren. Loving the clips more and more each day. I like the fenders as well, but there are some support stays that get in the way of my feet on turns occasionally, but the low bottom bracket on the Surly doesn’t really allow much pedaling on turns, so once you get used to it, it’s ok.

    What kind of tours have you done so far?

  2. Hey Darren,
    I’ve done 2 major tours (5000km+) with surly nice racks and here’s some advice: Make sure you carry one or more (depending on the lenght of your trip) “mounting triangular brackets”. During both trips, I broke one, and then you’re up S**t creek with nothing at all as its a specific part. They brake esp. on the mid-fork mount (oddly) and they snap at the bolt retaining it to the fork. In two pieces. It sucks. And its a heavy rack. If you get tired of it, like i did, look into a low rider, cheap, made by Axiom, called tour du monde. They go for like 40-50$. Ive had the rear tour du monde model, which they dont make anymore; it was 70$ (vs 120$ for surly) and is rated to 150kg! (330lbs!!). Still in perfect shape and going strong!
    Good luck and safe travels!

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