Daily Archives: September 26, 2008

My Surly long haul trucker, post 2.


Day Two:  10KM.  I got my Surly equipped with some clipless Shimano pedals today and picked up my shoes.  I got cleats put in them and also had my shop put an odometer (speed computer).  Had a bit of rain yesterday to put the fenders to test, but other than that I got about 10km in.  Had a ride down the cheongyecheon and was averaging about 35km/h with a head wind.  Not too bad, but I had nothing loading on my racks.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the clipless pedals, this is my first time riding on something other than platforms, and my pedal power has increased immensely.  Pedaling un-attached I averaged about 28km/h, clipped in I was at 35.

Have a look at the Surly Long Haul Trucker’s numerous brazeons for connecting my racks and fenders.  Four used and 2 more leftover!

The front fork of my LHT

The front fork of my LHT

Korean Proverb of the Day


I recently got a book titled “For the First Time”.  It was written by a man named Shin, Young-bok.  He was imprissoned for 20 years and 20 days in a South Korea prison for joining a student movement against military rule.  He wrote many books while in prison, and this particular book is full of drawings and short proverbs I found interesting.  It was nice to get a translated book in my hands.

The Rings of the Tree

What the rings of a tree teach us is that

a tree grows even in winter,

And the part that grows in winter is harder than

the part that grows in the summer.