Korean Bike Touring Club Formation

Korean Bike Touring Club

Korean Bike Touring Club

Do you own a bicycle?  Do you ride for fun?  Are you a serious biker?  Do you live in South Korea?  Well, this is the first post for the newly formed Korean Bike Touring Club (KBTC), and we’re invited any interested bikers to join our group mailing list.

What we’re trying to offer to those who join the club:

  • A place to gain information about bicycle riding and touring in South Korea
  • A place to obtain maps and routes for bike tours in South Korea
  • A place to meet fellow riders and discuss your hobby
  • A place to learn more about bicycle touring
  • A place to organize group rides around South Korea

Please click the link below to join the group mailing list and stay up-to-date with the group.  We’d like to start a weekly one-day ride group that goes out for rides together on the weekend as well as a group that does extended tours during long weekends or long holidays.

To join, simply click on the link below and send a blank message.  That’s it! We’ll be in touch shortly after receiving your email.

Join Us!

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  1. Hi! I just moved to Seoul and consider myself a pretty avid cyclist. I’m trying to find a bike store that has reasonably priced road bikes (under 1500, closer to $1000) any advice on where to go? I’ve found a lot of store with mountain bikes.

    I’m really anxious to get back on a bike.

  2. My bike shop is great. The guys there speak English and lived in California for about 10 years. It’s called Plush Bikes, and it is next door to the Outback steakhouse in Apgujeong. If you know where the big gorilla in Apgujeong is, it’s near there. I’m sure they have a phone, dial 1330 for free English director service.

  3. Hi, I’ll be visiting korea for about a month, and I may bring my road bike, but the airline fees are high and my mountain bike was stolen when I brought it with me there a few years ago. Are there any places to rent a road bike or pick up a used one fairly cheap? Are there any group rides in Seoul? Are there any maps of good places to ride?

  4. I do not know of any places you can rent a road bike here in Korea, but I will ask around and see if I can find something. There are plenty of cheap bikes floating around the country though. I have been trying to get a touring group together, but most people don’t have bikes. You can check out http://www.kbtc.wordpress.com for tours. I also have a set of great maps for a Seoul to Busan trip I can get to you.

  5. Hey, thanks for the response. I decided to bring an older but still nice steel road bike with me. I may consider selling it to someone in korea instead of bringing it back. I’m staying with my wife’s family in Youido, and visiting sites and shopping with my wife and daughter, so I don’t think I can manage a full on tour. If there are any one day rides, or shorter group rides I’m interested in joining. There are quite a few mountains in and around Seoul that I would like to try to take on if there are some others interested.

  6. Hey,
    Just really go into riding.. I’ve been riding about every other day for 25-35km and doing 60+ on Sundays.. I would like to find someone or people to ride with.. I live in Seoul off of line 2 ( Sindorim) Anyone out there???

  7. Hey Kristi,
    There are many bike trails that are wonderful to ride.. It’s kinda hard to tell where but u can email me..

  8. We visit Daechi-dong every year and I ride along the Han River about 4 days a week. Would be interested in joining a Bicycle club that rides that same areas. Any suggestions? We return in March, 2011 for approx. 4-5 mos.

  9. Riding Incheon to Busan March 22, 2013…Looking for new route map 1700KM
    Assistance please…where can I find this map on line?
    Thank you

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