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Korean Bike Touring Club Formation

Korean Bike Touring Club

Korean Bike Touring Club

Do you own a bicycle?  Do you ride for fun?  Are you a serious biker?  Do you live in South Korea?  Well, this is the first post for the newly formed Korean Bike Touring Club (KBTC), and we’re invited any interested bikers to join our group mailing list.

What we’re trying to offer to those who join the club:

  • A place to gain information about bicycle riding and touring in South Korea
  • A place to obtain maps and routes for bike tours in South Korea
  • A place to meet fellow riders and discuss your hobby
  • A place to learn more about bicycle touring
  • A place to organize group rides around South Korea

Please click the link below to join the group mailing list and stay up-to-date with the group.  We’d like to start a weekly one-day ride group that goes out for rides together on the weekend as well as a group that does extended tours during long weekends or long holidays.

To join, simply click on the link below and send a blank message.  That’s it! We’ll be in touch shortly after receiving your email.

Join Us!