My Surly Long Haul Trucker


I’m back from Hong Kong, actually I didn’t make it, the flight was cancelled and I refunded my ticket.  I was quite disappointed but when I came home I had a message saying my Surly Long Haul Trucker has arrived from home.  I’ll be picking it up after the holiday and will get some pictures up shortly.  This reminds me, if you have a touring bike yourself, get some pictures and send them my way with the info about your bike.  I’d love to put up some posts with other people’s rigs, reviews, and pics.  Email at  Who is going to be the first to email??

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  1. Hi
    Just stumbled across your blog and was wondering where you got your LHT and how you got it shipped here to Korea.
    I’m looking for a new tourer since mine was stolen from me.
    P.S. I’m also living here in Korea.

  2. Hi Al, I got my Surly from Plush Bikes in Apgujeong. I tried buying one in America and shipping it here through a company, but it was super expensive. then I tried buying one and having a friend pick it up at a shop and ship it, too expensive. So I just bought it in Apgujeong at their shop. Website is at, the owners all speak English well, ask for Gene and tell him I sent you.

  3. Sweet Thanks
    Looks like I’ll be headed down there real soon.
    I looked all over for a good touring bike here in Korea but no dice.
    You saved me some bacon! Thanks a lot!

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