Choosing a touring bicycle; Fuji Tourer


Choosing a touring bicycle; Fuji Tourer

For our 6th touring bike option we have for you the Fuji Tourer.  This is our last look at the lower end of the price spectrum before we head up into the mid-range and high priced models.

At NUMBER 6… the Touring from Fuji.  Please comment if you have ever ridden, owned, or know anyone who owns this bike.  Email photos of your setup to me at and have them posted on this site.

Fuji Touring

Fuji Touring

Before we begin….Check out the links on the left side of the page.  Go to the “About Me” page to the left and read about what this journey is all about.  If you are into it, support my journey by helping others and adding to the donations we will deliver to the Mercy Corps organization. Donate, Sponsor, or Pledge on a per-km/mile basis, anything will help.  Learn more by here…Bike Journey

Frame- Steel.  Fuji Elios 2 custom butted Cro-Moly

Chainstay Length- 440mm or 17.32 inches

Brakes- Tektro Oryx cantilever

Tires- Kenda Eurotrek, 700 x 32c

Hubs- Fuji Sealed Alloy Road, 36H

Weight- 27.75 pounds

Price- $900

Hmmm….this bike is eerily similar in specs to the Jamis Aurora.  Same size, same tires, same brakes, same weight, similar trail.  So I’m not going to harp on the same issues, if you didn’t see them, just click back and check over the Aurora review.  Some other things to add which I forgot on the Aurora post is the issue with these brakes.  It’s quite easy to find bad reviews of them and seems like they require replacement.  Keep that in mind when considering the price of the bike.  I think overall this is more of a commuting and light touring bike than a real cross-country tourer.  Not so say it isn’t possible to use for that purpose.

How are ratings calculated?

Overall Rating:

Fuji Touring:

Value:  4/5

Quality: 3.8/5

Compliance: 4.6/5

Overall: 12.4/15

Notes.  I’ve heard some talk about Fuji Touring frames cracking, not many, but enough to lower the quality rating a bit.  Also a lot of broken rear spokes when under load as well as front brake failures.  Again, not a lot of them, but enough to raise a little concern.  The price is pretty low but the quality of components are as well.  As far as compliance, the bike comes equipped with a rear rack but the gearing is a little higher than I like, so that accounts for the low rating.  The compliance rating is a bit low because of the bike’s shorter wheelbase and gearing issues.

We’ll be compiling all of the ratings on a new page, look for it to be complete shortly.  Check it out here.

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  1. I have a Fuji Touring bike 2009 and I have had to replace the rear spokes on it and I have not had it loaded yet. I have been using it to commute to work.
    I have about 300 miles on it now I hope to use it for some long touring this summer. What can I do with the rear spokes?

  2. I’ve had a 2009 fuji touring that I’ve had for eight months and have put about 3000 km on it already. On it’s first fully-loaded tour I had the same problem with the rear spokes – they kept breaking. The wheels are poorly assembled and the stock spokes are really weak, but since replacing and balancing both wheels a few months ago I haven’t had any broken spokes.

    Although a lower-end touring bike with some cheaper components, I really like this bike and use it for far more than commuting. I have replaced the spokes, seat, and a few cables and it takes me everywhere! I give it a 13.5/15.

    • Since my last post on my 2009 Fuji touring bike I have rebuilt both weels added fenders and have taken a long tour with it loaded across the state of Mo. two times with all my gear tent, food and cooking stove, clothes things and had no trouble with the bike at all it has been a great bike I ride it every day to work and all over I also put Vittaria Ranndonnevr 700x32c tires on it helped with the load and the flats it is just a great bike to ride I love it and will not ever be with out it.

      • Sounds great, good to hear you’ve had success with the Fuji. How long were your two rides and how has the weather been? Do you stop over at campgrounds or pitch off the road in a private spot?

  3. I own a fuji tourer got it second hand for $400AU with rear pannier set up and all the other gear..helmut, gloves, mini tool, pump etc..

    A great bike its one thing to commute on this bike another to tour on it i’ve clocked about 5000km on her and i love it…including a 500km cycle/hike/run in the far north of australia off road for the vast majority of it on 4×4 tracks and another 200km on disused 4×4 track involving a machete and a lot of swearing…

    I travel light and never had a problem with it as long as its well maintained it just kept going…on my 500km’er i got 3 flats and snapped my chain and the sleeve that my gear leave travelled thru the later was the cause of the broken chain and i didn’t want to stop on the 33% grad i was trying to ride up stupid idea but also lucky…long long story…i could go on for days…

    but this is a good introductory touring bike with a frame worthy of building on i am upgrading to an off road touring set up but will never sell this bike its a keeper and worthy of some real adventures…is love to strong a word?

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